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Last updated: 21 February 2021

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We survived the holidays and celebrated the dawn of a new year. 🥂

In lieu of our now-traditional get-an-Airbnb trip somewhere, we had a very low-key New Year’s celebration at our quarantine-pod friend Will’s home with Thai takeaway, CNN, and a very unique bottle of wine.

A couple of weeks later, we took a mid-day break to watch Joe Biden’s inauguration. Everything about it was beautiful (including, at least in my opinion, Daniel Rosenberry’s Schiaparelli confection), and it was yet another moment that gave me hope that 2021 is going to be alright, or at the very least, better than its predecessor.

The winter weather (and the coup attempt on the Capitol and its aftermath) has left me in a state of hibernation. With a lack of places to go exacerbated by inches upon inches of snow covering everything, I’ve been spending a lot of quiet dozy time indoors (much to the chagrin of my therapist). Hopefully, with the imminent arrival of Daylight Savings and the sun setting after 5:00pm, I’ll get over it and start moving some more—my knees shouldn’t feel this old.

Also of note, two “firsts”: I watched Pretty Woman for the first time ever, and I went ice skating.

Being newlyweds in quarantine is not something I wish on anyone, but I remain grateful to have Patrick around every day. 👬

Patrick and I are one class away from completing our first time homebuyers course. Nothing like a pandemic and a four-times-postponed wedding that still hasn’t happened to inspire the start of our homebuying journey. It’s been a very eye-opening journey that we’re excited and scared to embark upon.

Speaking of our four-times-postponed wedding, I had the chance to speak with Beth Teitell from The Boston Globe about our pandemic wedding planning nightmare, and her story (and our mugs) wound up on the front page (very special thanks are due to Erin Clark for being lovely and getting some adorable shots). Dusting off those soft skills and speaking easily with a stranger was rough, but I don’t think I sounded like a total moron. If anything, I’m just very thankful this article has supplanted my ill-fated Dinner with Cupid outing as the first result in Google for my name in the news.

Work continues to be a unique tightrope walk of getting things done while trying to prioritize self-care. 💻

This is, by no means, something unique to me. We’re rounding the corner on one full year of unplanned remote work, and we’re finally figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Navigating interpersonal relationships through webcams and Slack messages is pretty draining; but it does make our achievements that much sweeter, knowing the roadblocks we overcame.

I designed and art directed a new content module that is about to launch on our website, and we recently unleashed into the world a new monogram as part of the MIT Technology Review identity system (for which, I suppose, I’m going to need to author a case study sooner or later).

What I’ve been reading since my last update 📖

What else has been taking up my time 👍

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and Salt Lake City

Out for Blood: The Story of Carrie the Musical, an oral history of the infamous Broadway disaster

In Vogue: The 1990s, a podcast about the major disruptions and shakeups to the fashion industry that came out of the 90s

Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself

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