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Last updated: 20 October 2020

Back to home

Late summer and early autumn’s weather—paired with a careful reopening of the state—have made the past few months the most bearable yet of 2020. 🌞

Socially distant and masked outdoor day trips have been the theme of summer. We visited the beautiful Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, the abandoned bear cages at Franklin Park Zoo, and a campground in New Hampshire to visit Patrick’s parents (and their fussy but adorable puppy).

The ability to return to restaurants (outdoors only, for us) has been such a boon for our well-being. A few local favorites (Bully Boy Distillers, Blend, 224 Boston, Gaslight Brasserie du Coin) had patios and staff procedures in place that feel safe. It was such a treat to eat food and drink cocktails that we didn’t make ourselves, and we’re very grateful to the industry folx everywhere that are making it happen.

We were also able to take a couple of trips. After getting covid-19 tests, we joined a group of friends in Cape Neddick, Maine, for a long weekend of seafood, wine, and laughs at The Bracy House, a magical historic home run by the most delightful Airbnb hosts. In mid-October, Patrick and I had a quick weekend getaway to Provincetown right before the “official” end of its season.

Remote work remains a unique challenge; but after seven months, it’s begun to feel more normal. 💻

My team is outstanding and my projects are challenging, and I am grateful for all of it. I think, collectively, the shift in thinking from “this is only temporary” to “this is the new default” has been helpful in expectation-setting. Keeping myself creatively motivated and satisfied with non-work work is my new project, because no matter how much you like your job, it’s definitely unhealthy if it begins to be the only thing you’ve got going on.

The no-pants-whenever-you-want perk is also pretty clutch.

Publishing this update days before the November election has got me in a mood. 🗳

While the weather’s been kind, the world is still on fire. Every day I read the news, I worry about the unsure future of our civil rights and those of people who stand to be even more affected than we will in our urban liberal ivory tower. I truly hope that common sense, facts, and kindess most of all will prevail over lies and bigotry.

We have been trying to do our part: donating as we are able, text banking, and angry tweeting. There’s a Biden/Harris sign proudly on our front porch amidst Patrick’s Halloween decorations (though, in our neighborhood, it’s mostly preaching to the choir).

After a hiatus of eleven years, I finally (during a pandemic) returned to the dentist. 🦷

Yes, you read that correctly. After a harrowing experience with a terrible dentist in December 2009, I swore off dentistry forever. Fast forward to this year, I was referred to the absolute kindest dentists I’ve ever encountered in my life. The wonderful team at Prudential Dental have gotten me over my fear and, in a relatively short time, have already made great strides in fixing my medieval battlefield of a mouth. I am very grateful to have found them.

What I’ve been reading since my last update 📖

What else has been taking up my time 👍

A “singers acting” film festival (thusfar: Glitter, A Star is Born, Spice World, Evita, Hocus Pocus)

The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Potomac

Haute Dog

Kinfolk magazine

Inside the Groove podcast

In the Green by Grace McLean

Marin Marais: Dialogues by Mieneke van der Velden, Wieland Kuijken, and Fred Jacobs