Kyle Thomas Hemingway

How do you build an entire identity system out of just a logo and a color?

MIT Technology Review's EmTech MIT conference

Image of stage at EmTech conference

Art direction, branding, copywriting, design, motion

Brand guidelines, print ads, banner ads, landing page template, email templates, Powerpoint templates, on-site signage and collateral

Eric Mongeon

MIT Technology Review’s EmTech MIT is a three-day conference bringing together world-renowned innovators and business leaders for intimate conversations on the year’s breakthrough technologies.

Image of brand elements: logo, colors, font

To begin with, we gathered the elements that already existed and would not change: The logo, the color palette, and the institutional font.

To these, we added a new element: The wave. The EmTech wave was introduced to add further visual distinction to the above set of givens, and to function as a mnemonic across all executions of the brand.

A palette of static waves was gathered to give a visual diversity to communications, and it also appears in motion where possible.

Image of animated wave graphic

With a solid toolbox of elements decided upon, we were able to execute a suite of distinctive and impactful collateral and advertising assets. By applying a simple color wash, photos that come from various sources now work together seamlessly as parts of a singular family.

Image of two-page spread advertisement

Spread ad in magazine

Image of three single-page advertisements

Single-page ads in magazine, each highlighting an important speaker with bold, provoking language

Image of social media tile
Image of social media tile

Social media promotional tiles

Animated version of logo

Animated EmTech logo

Video sizzle reel
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Image of signage
Image of signage

On-site modular signage system