Kyle Thomas Hemingway

How do you help Santa Claus take the perfect selfie?

Boston Symphony Orchestra’s holiday pops concerts

Image of stage at Symphony Hall

Art direction, design, photography, retouching

Digital files for projection in Boston Symphony Hall

Dennis Alves, Amanda Severin, Wei Jing Saw, Keith Lockhart

The Holiday Pops concerts are a beloved tradition in Boston’s venerable Symphony Hall, and no concert is complete without an annual visit from Santa Claus himself. In 2014, I was hired by the BSO to produce a series of images for Santa’s “newly launched Instagram account.”

Santa's feet on the beach
Santa visits the Public Garden with Rudolph
Santa poses with David Ortiz
Baby Santa's #TBT
Santa's rock star parking on the roof of Symphony Hall
Santa poses for a selfie with Keith Lockhart

I shot Santa in front of a green screen in the various poses suggested by the script, and then composited him into the different situations as needed. I even posed as the stand-in for the maestro in the final shot.

Kyle poses with Santa in front of the green screen
The final photo projected above the orchestra at Symphony Hall

Start to finish: Posing with Santa in the studio, the final product projected during the concert at Symphony Hall

The project was met with high praise both from the client and the over 80,000 audience members who encountered it throughout the holiday season.