Kyle Thomas Hemingway

How do you build a bridge without a degree in civil engineering?

Bridge Repertory Theater’s brand system

Image of an actor portraying photographer Francesca Woodman

Art direction, branding, copywriting, design

Brand guidelines, print ads, banner ads, email templates, on-site signage and collateral

Laura Sullivan

The Bridge Repertory Theater of Boston was founded in 2012 by a group of six theatre artists, all under the age 30 at the time, and is committed to creating intimately staged productions from a variety of genres, all rooted in the captivating connection formed between live actors and live audiences.

Image of old logo

The company’s original logo for their first three seasons was an illustrated version of the Zakim Bridge in Boston.

As I said in my proposal to the company, it’s time to stop using someone else’s bridge and build our own.

After sketching and iterating for a while, I came upon the shape that would ultimately form the new logo.

Video of sketching the logo

Doodling out the logo

The new Bridge Rep logo represents many different yet familiar things at the core of the company:

It’s a bridge.
Reminiscent of iconic imagery as early as the Roman acqueducts yet clean, modern, and unfussy; the new logo demonstrates the timelessness of Bridge Rep’s repertoire—from classics to world premieres.

It’s still under construction.
The final arch of the bridge is incomplete, representing both the impermanent nature of Bridge Rep’s work as well as demonstrating its place at the forefront of creating the future of the theatre.

It literally contains the company’s name.
Turned 90° clockwise, the bridge becomes a vertically stacked capital B and R.

The new logo in context

Image of logo in front of a photo
Image of brochure

Season brochure interior.

Image of poster for The Marvelous Party
Image of poster for Dark Room

The centerpiece of this season was the world premiere of a new play about surrealist photographer Francesca Woodman. I shot original photography in her style for the entire season’s advertising.

Animated photo with quote from Francesca Woodman
Animated photo with quote from Francesca Woodman
Animated photo with quote from Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman quotes on promotional social tiles

“Anatomy of a scene” poster for fundraising

Poster of diagram illustrating costs of a past production