Kyle Thomas Hemingway

How do you bring America’s oldest permanent Baroque orchestra into the 21st century?

Boston Baroque’s 2017/18 season promotions

Image of stage at Symphony Hall Kathy Wittman

Art direction, branding, copywriting, design

Season brochures, posters, direct mail, program books, email templates, social promotions

Graham Wright, Hailey Fuqua, Kathy Wittman

Six-time GRAMMY™ nominee Boston Baroque has grown quite a bit since its founding in 1973. With 26 albums under its belt, it now boasts a semi-staged opera each season and routinely attracts top talent from around the globe to perform.

Previous season's postcard

Up until this point, Boston Baroque’s promotional design leaned heavily on very passive musical instrument imagery.

For the year-long 2017/18 season campaign, I recommended the idea of using creative imagery to market the concerts as opposed to images of the orchestra and chorus.

Posters for the individual concerts in the 2017/18 season:

Poster for Mozart's Requiem
Poster for Handel's Messiah
Poster for New Year's Celebration
Poster for Telemann's St. Luke Passion
Poster for Beethoven's Fidelio
Poster for New Year's Celebration

Standard typographic treatments were used for the repertoire, date, and purchase information at top and bottom, leaving the title to be a larger statement.

Each photo choice was motivated by a thematic element of the repertoire (e.g., a sunset for Mozart’s Requiem, a jail as the setting of Beethoven’s Fidelio, or a fireworks display for a New Year’s concert).

The imagery was carried through all promotions for the season, including the brochure.

Spread from the brochure

Sample spreads from the brochure