Kyle Thomas Hemingway

How do you democratize creativity throughout a city?

ArtWeek Boston’s branding

Image of stage at EmTech conference

Art direction, branding, copywriting, design

Art direction, brand guidelines, print ads, banner ads, email templates, digital billboards, on-site signage and collateral, website

Samantha Burns, Long Haul Films

Founded in 2013 and modeled after Restaurant Week, Artweek Boston is a bi-annual collection of events and experiences throughout the city that highlights the quality and diversity of arts, culture, and creative community in Boston.

Image of logo

Clichéd representations of art-making were rejected for a clean, type-forward visual approach for the logo. This allowed the cutouts in the text to act as a frame for any imagery that appeared behind it.

The idea was, if ArtWeek was celebrating the diversity of the creative community, we couldn’t allow its visual representation to impose any limits (e.g., drama masks, paintbrushes, etc.).

Image of pages from identity standards guide

Since the system would be used by many people presenting their own ArtWeek events, a detailed identity standards manual was developed to guide other designers creating ArtWeek communications.

Once the brand was established, it was used in a variety of communications.

TV spot
(Produced by Long Haul Films)

Image of pocket calendar

Pocket calendar

(4.25 ✕ 1.83″ unfolding to 8.5 ✕ 11″ and highlighting the work of over 140 participating organizations and artists.)

Image of magazine advertisement

Two-page spread ad

Subway turnstile advertisements highlighting curated ArtWeek events

Image of logo